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Educational Podcasts and Articles for Anglers and the Southeastern Fly Fishing Community


If you have spent much time fly fishing (or doing just about anything else outdoors), you have seen the landscape change dramatically. 


Over the years:

  • Participation has declined.

  • Younger anglers interact with the sport in a fundamentally different way.

  • Our community doesn’t reflect the community at large.

If we value our sporting experience and quality time outdoors, we should be concerned.

At the end of the day, we only have ourselves to blame. We are a fragmented and tribal bunch. While well-intentioned, we focus on our own tribe at the sport’s expense. Sometimes, we can make the Hatfield-McCoy feud look like a cotillion.

While the sport’s initial cost has declined, we haven’t made similar progress in instruction. As a general rule, we excel at drowning anglers in information and fail at teaching practical problem-solving skills. How many times have you heard, “I don’t understand. This fly worked great yesterday.”?

The Articulate Fly celebrates the richness of our fly fishing community. Hopefully, you will feel at home here whether you are a novice or a shaman musky hunter or dry fly purist. The Articulate Fly exists for you, and constructive comments and criticism are always welcome.