The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step


Regardless of your path, the more effortlessly you can accomplish your goals the more fulfilling your experience. While the quantity of information is daunting, in my opinion, our sport has done a relatively poor job giving anglers a holistic approach for their time on the water and equipping them with practical problem-solving skills. How many times have you thought or heard “I don’t understand. I killed it the last time I was here with the exact same fly.”? Or, “I can’t find any TMC 5263s. I guess I can’t tie that pattern.”? While there is no substitute for putting in your the time, our current approach can’t help but increase frustration and decrease participation.

One of the goals at The Articulate Fly is to give you an elegantly simple approach to your time on the water and equip you with the practical problem-solving skills to be more successful. For each species (starting with trout), we will start with an examination of its basic requirements. From there, we will move on to a similar analysis of its forage. Finally, we will explore the techniques that will allow us to live at the intersection of our quarry and its food. Success!