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Whether you are an industry insider or simply believe your product resonates with the fly fishing community, The Articulate Fly can help you grow your business.

The fly fishing community is an attractive demographic.

  • In the United States, there are 6.8M fly fishers.

  • 35.3% and 38.7% of the U.S. fly fishing community are 25 - 44 years old and 45+ years old, respectively.

  • 48.6% of fly fishers earn $75,000 or more per year, and 33.7% earn $100,000 or more per year.

  • 44.6% of fly fishers hold college or post-graduate degrees.

Source: 2018 Special Report on Fishing by the Recreational Fishing & Boating Foundation and The Outdoor Foundation

Podcasting is a highly efficient, impactful medium.

  • 62M Americans listened to a podcast in the last week. U.S. weekly podcast listeners averaged seven podcasts in the last week.

  • 41%, 29% and 17% of monthly podcast consumers have annual incomes in excess of $75,000, $100,000 and $150,000, respectively.

  • 53% of monthly podcast listeners have a college or post-graduate degree.

  • 54% of monthly U.S. podcast listeners are somewhat or much more likely to consider a brand advertised in a podcast.

Source: The Podcast Consumer 2019 by The Infinite Dial 2019

The Articulate Fly is a semi-monthly, long-form interview podcast.

The Articulate Fly launched in Fall 2018 and has enjoyed a steadily growing listenership. While our guests include national personalities, we have also focused on regional personalities of interest to Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern anglers. As The Articulate Fly grows, we intend to include regional content focused on additional regions such as the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.

The podcast is available via our website, our proprietary iOS and Android apps and a variety of iOS and Android platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music. In addition to hosting podcast episodes, our website offers educational and informational content such as articles, information about upcoming events and trip planning tools.

The Articulate Fly tracks relevant, detailed metrics.

  • Largest Market: Southeastern United States, New York & Texas

  • Approximate Episode Length: One Hour

  • Quarterly Unique Downloads: 9,750+ (As of September 2019)

  • Monthly Facebook Post Reach: 43,000+ (As of May 31, 2019)

  • Most Common Platform: Mobile Device (iPhone)

Source: Measurement data provided by Podtrac, Facebook and Squarespace

The Articulate Fly Offers Four Promotional Opportunities

Banner Sponsor

  • Hyperlinked Logo Appears on Home Page, Blog Page and Podcast Page for One Month

  • $100 per month

Fishing Report Sponsor

  • Appearance as Podcast Guest for One Episode

  • Production of Two Bi-Weekly Fishing Reports

  • Includes Social Media Promotion

  • Hyperlinked Logo Appears on Home Page, Blog Page and Podcast Page for One Month

  • $250 per month

Silver Episode Sponsor

  • Ad Read at Beginning of Podcast Episode

  • Acknowledgement at the End of Episode

  • Hyperlink to Website on Episode Page and in Show Notes

  • Includes Sponsor Acknowledgement in Social Media Promotion

  • Approximately 25 Opportunities per Year

  • $150 per Episode

Gold Episode Sponsor

  • Silver Episode Sponsor Benefits

  • Ability to Designate Podcast Guest for One Episode

  • Ad in Monthly Newsletter

  • Hyperlinked Logo Appearing on Home Page, Blog Page and Podcast Page for One Month

  • Approximately 25 Opportunities per Year

  • $250 per Episode

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Marvin S. Cash
(980) 689-1757


“Teaming up with The Articulate Fly has helped Tuckaseegee Fly Shop reach a new marketing medium not available to us before. One can never be sure which strategy works, but when folks consistently come into the shop mentioning the show, you know it’s working.”

Dale Collins, Co-owner, Tuckaseegee Fly Shop


“As an event promoter, turnout is critical. Advertising with The Articulate Fly gets my events in front of an engaged, passionate community of fly anglers.”

Beau Beasley, Director, Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival